Pallet Removal and Recycling

Since 1979 Hallwood Enterprises has provided pallets and crates to some of the biggest companies on the East Coast. As part of an industry that relies heavily on natural resources, it is our responsibility to add sustainability to all of our practices.

In recent years we have emerged as one of the fastest growing pallet removal companies in the Southeast, and last year recycled over 2 million 48×40 pallets and many more of various sizes. Each of them was purchased as a used pallet, inspected, graded, repaired and then reintroduced into circulation.

Hallwood Enterprises can do all of the following and more:

  • We can service Distribution Centers, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and individual retail stores.
  • We can stage multiple trailers at one or more locations.
  • We respond rapidly to pick-up orders – we’re there when and where you need us.
  • We provide fast, fair and accurate pallet-count reporting, every time.
  • We can design an off-site pallet repair and return program to suit your requirements.
  • We will accept and honor your pay terms, without exception.
  • We can remove waste plastic and corrugated.

May we help your company with its pallet removal challenges? Please call today and let’s get started!